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The city of New Orleans is known around the world for its rich history, unique culture, and location, making it one of the largest ports in the United States. The city of New Orleans was founded on May 7, 1718, by Jean Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville and was named after Phillipe d’Orleans, the Duke of Orleans, who was regent of France at the time. New Orleans has been under Spanish, French, and United States rule which provides for a rich and unique culture. The city is known for its architecture, Jazz Music, Mardi Gras and countless other festivals, the French Quarter, and great cooking.  The city is located in Southeast Louisiana at the mouth of the great Mississippi river system, bordered by Lake Ponchatrain to the North and the Gulf of Mexico to the east. New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana, and today the city has a population of about 312,000 residents with about 1.1 million people living in the metropolitan area surrounding the city.  

The New Orleans personal injury attorneys at the Cardone Law Firm are here to serve the city of New Orleans and the areas surrounding the city, including but not limited to: Uptown, French Quarter, New Orleans East, Lakeview, Downtown, Bywater, Central Business District, Gentilly, Mid-City, and the Lower Ninth Ward. We understand the difficulties and challenges that arise when a person is injured in a car accident or any other cause of injury. Medical expenses, pain and suffering, rehabilitation and the permanent disabilities caused in these accidents will take a horrible toll on the injured person as well as his or her family. These unfortunate consequences come to the victim through no fault of their own. The Cardone Law Firm has seen firsthand how these difficulties can affect people, and we are here to fight on your side. We have dedicated our careers to get victims the rightful compensation they are owed from the responsible party.  

Located in the heart of New Orleans at 829 Baronne Street, the Cardone Law Firm will provide high quality legal assistance throughout the city and surrounding areas. The Cardone Law Firm handles all types of cases in which a victim is injured by the negligence of another person. Some common types of cases we handle are: car accidents, truck accidents, trip and falls, wrongful death claims, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, ATV accidents, accidents caused by drunk drivers, and any other type of injury caused by a another person.

An example of a recent case the Cardone Law Firm handled was a trip and fall that occurred on Canal Street. Trip and fall cases are complicated to handle because there are many factors than can come into play. Louisiana Revised Statute 9:2800 provides that in order to prevail on a claim against a public entity, such as a city, the victim must establish 1) the city’s custody or ownership of the defective thing, 2) an unreasonable risk of harm created by the defect, 3) the city’s actual or constructive notice of the defect and failure to take corrective action within a reasonable time, and 4) causation. Generally, tort liability arising from a defect in a public sidewalk lies with the municipality rather than the abutting property owner. Moreover, an abutting property owner is generally not responsible for the repair or maintenance of a public sidewalk, except where the defect in the sidewalk was caused by the abutting property owner. Beteta v. City of New Orleans. In the case of the trip and fall on Canal Street the Cardone Law Firm was able to show that the abutting property owner actually diverted water from an air condition vent onto the sidewalk, and therefore actually created the defect that caused the injury.   

In 2013, the city of New Orleans had close to 10,000 people injured in motor vehicle accidents. This is a substantial amount of wrecks that can have life changing consequences. Also, in 2013 there were more than 50 fatalities in car accidents in New Orleans alone. The Cardone Law Firm successfully represented a client in a car accident in 2006 when a tow truck driver backed into oncoming traffic on North Claiborne Avenue. This sudden move by the tow truck caused an accident which changed the life of our client. The Cardone Law Firm successfully represented the driver of the car who could not stop before hitting the tow truck. We were able to receive a large settlement for pain and suffering, medical expenses, property damages, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity.

These car accidents affect many more people than just the victim. They take a toll financially, emotionally, and physically on the victim, family members, and any other loved ones. It is crucial after an accident to hire an experienced attorney who will protect your rights.  The Cardone Law Firm will be able to place a victim in a doctor’s office quickly to help you with your injuries and help build the necessary case to win at trial. The Cardone Law Firm will not just accept the quickest offer from a big insurance firm; we will fight to get every dollar our clients deserve.

The City of New Orleans is known for its laid back lifestyle and millions of tourist visit each year to enjoy the hundreds of festivals that occur around the city. A few of these festivals include the French Quarter Festival, Jazz and Heritage Fest, Mardi Gras, the Louisiana Seafood Festival, Oktoberfest, and Essence Festival. All of these festivals are great to enjoy, but some people will suffer consequences if they decide to drink and drive from one of these events or any other place. The Cardone Law Firm also represents people who have been charged with DUIs/DWIs. When a person is enjoying a few drinks he or she does not think of being arrested for a DUI/DWI, but once someone is charged with this crime they will see a spike in insurance payments and it will also affect their job. Cliff Cardone will fight for your rights and has a very valuable experience in handling these types of cases. Mr. Cardone has nearly 40 years of legal experience in handling DUIs and DWIs. He has sat an Ad HOC Traffic Court Judge for almost 20 years and knows the Traffic Court System as a former prosecutor, Judge, and defense lawyer. If you have been arrested or is a victim of a car accident, Phone Cardone at 504-522-3333 or toll free at 1-888-892-2736 for a free in person consultation. The Cardone Law Firm will vigorously fight for your rights and get the best possible results for your case.

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Mr. Cardone and his staff demonstrate excellence and the utmost professionalism. After a motor vehicle accident, I contacted Mr. Cardone after receiving recommendations to do so. We are extremely pleased with his knowledge, service, and accessibility. I would not hesitate to hire Mr. Cardone again and I give him my highest recommendation for anyone else seeking an attorney. J.E.
Mr. Cardone is an experienced, knowledgeable attorney who advocates for the best interests of his clients. He is reputable, experienced, reliable, and available. He understands people and their issues. He knows the law and is a great trial lawyer and is well respected in the legal community. He also has a great support staff and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs or wants an experienced and caring attorney who gets the job done. S.I.
There are no words good enough to praise Cliff Cardone. His Professionalism is 10 stars. He was available for me 7 days a week. He is way pass excellent, he is superior. Cliff is not only my attorney but a friend you can count on. He has worked 2 cases for me and I could not be more pleased with the results. I am 150 percent satisfied with the highest recommendation one person can give to another. He is a people person. His legal assistant, Kim also gets the highest recommendation. J.M.
I highly recommend Cliff Cardone to handle any legal issue that arises; he is always available to me when I need to get in touch with him. I trust his opinion when it comes to making decisions concerning my legal issues. His staff is always available as well and that is very important when you need to have questions answered. Whenever I have a friend or relative that needs legal advice I always recommend Cliff Cardone and they have always come back to me satisfied. C.S.
Professional, prompt, courteous, informative and friendly are words I use to describe Clifford Cardone and his staff. If you want results with a personal touch this is your attorney. R.A.