Nursing Home Neglect

The Cardone Law Firm is committed to battling nursing home neglect. Our attorneys have the resources to fight nursing homes in court, including:

  • Nurse paralegals
  • Access to nursing home experts
  • Administrators, doctors and nurses all over the country

Both federal and state laws provide that we have the right to receive adequate and appropriate health care and protective support services, and we have the right to be treated with the fullest measure of dignity.

Signs of possible nursing home neglect include:

  • If your loved one is frequently soaked in urine, or laying in his own wastes, this is a sign that regular toileting or diaper changes are not being performed timely.
  • When a resident becomes listless and remains in this state for more than a day, often refusing fluid or food, this could be a sign that she is suffering from an infection which requires treatment.
  • Bruises, open cuts about the face or hands, fearful behavior ALWAYS warrant further investigation.
  • Foul odors, similar to the smell of rancid meat, could mean that your loved one has a painful open wound on his backside, heel, hips, or elbows. Closely examine your loved one's body. Nursing home staff do not always tell the family members when a decubitus ulcer has developed.
  • Frequent falls, regardless of whether they result in broken bones, generally mean that the nursing staff is not paying close enough attention to your loved one.

Aging is an integral part of the life cycle. Loss of dignity and health as a result of nursing home neglect is not. We will fight for your rights or the rights of your loved ones.

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