Settlements and Verdicts

NEW ORLEANS PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEYSSince the opening of the Cardone Law Firm, Cliff Cardone has earned Millions of Dollars for his clients. Here are some recent successful settlements and verdicts:     $2.5 Million - Judgment received for an elevator crash in the Superdome producing severe injuries and multiple surgeries.$2.1 Million - Settlement received regarding a BP claim.
$1.5 Million - Judgment rendered for a victim who needed a leg amputation because of a car crash.
$1.4 Million - Judgment received for an I-10 crash on the Twin Spans that produced multiple leg fractures.  $1.4 Million - Judgment received for a child who fell out of a window sustaining severe brain injuries.
$1.1 Million - Judgment received for a medical malpractice case when a man went into cardiac arrest at the Zulu Ball.
$875,000 - Settlement received in a head-on collision producing severe back injuries.
$750,000 - Settlement won in a nursing home case where a patient was found to have maggots in a trachea tube. $750,000 - Wrongful death judgment rendered in a nursing home negligence case.$500,000 - Settlement received for a victim with back and neck injuries sustained in a rear end collision.$500,000 - Medical Malpractice suit following negligent surgery.$400,000 - Award for victim of a car crash which caused severe lower back injuries.
$375,000 - Settlement achieved in a low impact car crash producing neck and back injuries.
$350,000 - Settlement for epidural steroid injections and rhizotomy to lower back, defeated insurance company argument relating to minimal property damage.
$300,000 - Settlement received for property damage sustained from Hurricane Gustav.
$285,000 - Settlement for 2 arthroscopic knee surgeries.
$260,000 - Judgment rendered in an 18 wheeler crash which produced spinal cord damage. $250,000 - Settlement received for injuries sustained offshore under the Jones Act.
$250,000 - Pedestrian received neck and back injuries from being struck by a vehicle. $180,000 - RECENTLY RECEIVED SETTLEMENT FOR A HUSBAND AND WIFE IN AN 18 WHEELER CRASH THAT PRODUCED BACK AND NECK INJURIES
$175,000 - Judgment rendered for slip and fall case which produced shoulder surgery.$155,000 - Judgment received for injuries sustained in a Nursing Home.
$150,000 - Tulane coach was injured in a car crash and received compensation through the Americans with Disabilities Act.
$140,000 - Settlement for rear end car collision producing severe back and neck injuries.
$135,000 - Settlement received for serious back and neck injuries sustained in an 18 Wheeler crash.
$130,000 - Amount received in a Mediated Nursing Home Negligence case. $130,000 - Settlement received in a slip and fall case in the French Quarter.$130,000 - For a victim of an 18 wheeler crash that produced severe neck injuries.