New Orleans Tourism and DUIs

New Orleans DUI/DWI LawyerTourism is one of the most important industries in Louisiana and New Orleans. It generates $5 billion dollars for the New Orleans’s economy each year and employs more than 70,000 people. Tourism alone produces more tax revenue for the city than any other business sector. Millions of people visit the city each year to enjoy the laid back lifestyle, great food, Mardi Gras, and countless other attractions. In January 2010, New Orleans’s leaders announced a master plan for the tourism industry.  The goal is to attract 13.7 million visitors by the city’s 300th anniversary in 2018. The benefits through 2018 will be enormous: $11 billion in direct spending, 33,000 additional jobs with an average salary of $33,000 a year and $700 million in tax revenue.

The City of New Orleans provides a great atmosphere for many visitors, but some people may get caught up in the excitement and make some mistakes. A DUI/DWI in New Orleans will not just be forgotten about if you do not live in Louisiana. Louisiana takes DUI/DWIs very seriously, and they are considered criminal acts. A New Orleans DUI/DWI lawyer will know how to assess a case when the defendant lives out of town and will fight to protect your rights. A DUI in Louisiana will follow you back home and can affect your driver’s license, insurance rates, and job opportunities. The Cardone Law Firm will advise you on the appropriate manner in which to defend against these uncertainties. With nearly 40 years of experience practicing law, Cliff Cardone will provide efficient legal assistance and will protect your rights. The Cardone Law Firm will protect tourists and other clients’ rights when arrested for a DUI/DWI stemming from, but not limited to, any of the following events:
•    Mardi Gras - Occurs around the City of New Orleans where people enjoy festivities including eating, drinking, and catching beads. Hundreds of thousands of tourist each year visit New Orleans for this special occasion. Mardi Gras usually occurs in March or February depending on the year.
•    New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival - This is a celebration of the unique culture and heritage of New Orleans. It features an endless amount of food, music, and celebrations.
•    Sporting Events - Thousands of people come to town for Saint’s football games, Pelican’s basketball games, the Sugar Bowl, the Zurich Classic, and the Bayou Classic.
•    French Quarter Festival - This is a three day festival celebrating life, music, food, and the atmosphere of New Orleans. In 2012, the French Quarter Festival generated a total economic impact of more than $259.5 million, including $126.6 million in direct spending and $132.9 million in secondary spending.
•    History - The amazing history and background of New Orleans invites tourists to visit anyone of the local museums including: The Cabildo, Civil War Museum, National World War II Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, and the New Orleans Jazz National Park.
•    Essence Festival - is an annual music festival which started in 1995 as a one-time event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Essence, a magazine aimed primarily towards African-American women. It is the largest event celebrating African-American culture and music in the United States.
In addition to these numerous events, the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center hosts countless events throughout the year attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists to the great City of New Orleans. The newly renovated river walk also attracts thousands of people to enjoy the food and spirit of the city.  No matter what the reason for visiting New Orleans, if you have been arrested for a DUI, it is important to protect your rights and hire a knowledgeable Louisiana attorney.  . An experienced New Orleans DUI attorney will help you through the legal process here and find the best way to go about resolving your legal issues.

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With an office located in New Orleans, the Cardone Law Firm can provide efficient legal services to any out-of-state clients and anyone from the State of Louisiana. We will assess your case and find the best way to go about having these issues resolved in the quickest and most efficient way.

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A person who just received a DUI/DWI needs an experienced attorney who can defend their rights in the courthouse and lead them correctly through the legal process. Cliff Cardone is that experienced attorney. He has been described as the “go-to” attorney in Louisiana. Mr. Cardone has nearly 40 years of experience in handling these types of cases. He has sat an AD HOC Traffic Court Judge for almost 20 years and knows the Traffic Court System as a former Judge, prosecuter, and defense lawyer. If you have been arrested, Phone Cardone at 504-522-3333 or toll free at 1-888-892-2736 for a free in person consultation. The Cardone Law Firm will vigorously fight for your rights and get the best possible results for your case.