Tractor Trailer Accidents

New Orleans Truck Accident Lawyer
Who May Be Held Liable

According to the U.S Department of Transportation, trucking is the largest mode of transportation for the shipment of goods in the United States. Trucking accounts for 70% of the total tonnage and 71% of the value of all goods shipped in this country. On average, shipments on for-hire trucks travel about 600 miles to their destination. All of these statistics point to the fact that, in the United States, there are a lot of tractor trailer trucks on the road. Not only that, they must travel quite far to deliver their freight. While this may be good news for trucking companies, for motorists, it may be a bit disconcerting. Sharing the road with such massive vehicles can be a bit nerve-racking, and for good reason. On average, there are more than 4,000 fatalities from large truck accident each year.

In Louisiana, the average annual number of fatalities from Louisiana tractor trailer accidents is over 100, while injuries number well over 3,000. If you have been in an accident with a large truck, you should contact a tractor trailer accident attorney in Louisiana right away. Tractor trailer accident cases are much more complicated than regular vehicle accidents, in part because of the issue of liability. Not only may the driver be at fault, but there are a host of other parties that can be held liable as well. They include:

  • The truck owner
  • The freight owner
  • The driver’s employer
  • An owner’s parent company
  • The truck’s manufacturer
  • The manufacturer of any truck part
  • A maintenance company that worked on the truck
  • The driver/owner of another vehicle
  • The manufacturer of another vehicle

If this seems like an excessive list of potential parties to sue, keep in mind that many injuries from tractor trailer accidents in Louisiana are catastrophic, involving lots of time missed from work and a long, expensive recovery period. Because of that, the more potential liable parties there are, the greater the chances of getting top compensation. However, all of these possible defendants can be overwhelming to a victim considering a lawsuit. Only a tractor trailer accident lawyer in Louisiana can determine the liable party or parties. Not only that, but if a large company is found to be liable in a tractor trailer accident in Louisiana, they will vigorously defend their rights and try to pay out as small a settlement as possible. This may not be enough for many clients and so obtaining a truck accident lawyer is also the key to reaching a fair settlement.

Because a truck collision can create multiple issues and significant needs, an injured party should hire an experienced New Orleans attorney who not only handles truck accidents for injured parties, but also has the resources necessary to provide for an injured person’s medical needs as well as the hiring of experts from a variety of fields in order to increase the value of the case. Cliff Cardone has practiced law nearly 40 years and has primarily handled personal-injury matters. If you have been injured in a truck collision, Phone Cardone at 1-888-892-2736 or 504-522-3333 for a free in person consultation. He is direct, insightful, proactive, and passionate about his client’s cases.

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